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We are willing to bet that at least a few of the people who visit this blog have spent some hours in Manhattan’s Garment District, be it chasing fabric/trim, wrangling factory work, hitting the holy trifecta of the EG-Battery SR-Batten showrooms during men’s wholesale market, or just visiting the Nepenthes Store and now our own humble Bivouac. Well, if you have spent even just a couple of afternoons here, we are also willing to bet that you have heard Todd, at least in the distance. Maybe you haven’t seen him, but you will almost certainly have heard him. 

He’s always on the move between factories around here, usually is yelling hello to someone, and he has one of those booming, contagious laughs and the kind of friendly disposition that spreads in waves off of him, traveling down the block ebulliently, infecting all in the best way possible. 


Todd is the head of production for Engineered Garments and someone we’ve known and loved for many years. We caught up with him on a visit to the factories the other day, while he was wearing his brand new Battenwear Long Sleeve Basic Pocket Tee


We’d like to think that when we walk into our factories, the sewers are generally happy to see us. Or at least they don’t vomit on sight. Sometimes they smile, especially if we’ve brought donuts or have a cute small child in tow. But when Todd walks in, yelling Chinese and doing that Todd-radiating-Todd thing that he should really try to trademark, it’s a whole different ballpark . .  . an experience to behold that makes our afternoon.


It’s always good to catch up with Todd. Next time you hear him, say hi for us. 


Battenwear Friends! Todd edition!


Lives in: New York City

Occupation: Garment Production 

Hobbies: Meditation and Reading

Favorite Places to Eat in the Garment District: Cafe Tarantin & Village 38


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