In Defense of the Broken

You may have noticed that Battenwear is big on Broken Twill Denim. Here’s a little explanation why we love it and why we think you should too. 

Back when denim was starting to transition from purely a work wear material to something to be incorporated into fashion, the three major jeans labels, Lee, Levi, and Wrangler, differentiated themselves in the following way regarding their twill:

Levi’s denims were primarily a right hand twill—if you  look at the back of the fabric, you  can see that the twill line rises to the right. When you wash and wear the jeans, the fabric will follow the direction of the weave and twist right.

Lee denims were primarily a left hand twill and would twist left.

And finally, legend has it that Wrangler created broken denim with a kind of zigzag weave that would “break” or halt the fabric’s tendency to twist. This gives it a stiffer hand and a greater durability.


Battenwear likes to use broken denim because we like the way it ages–it is very stiff when you get it  … and then, as you wear and wash and repeat, it softens into a shape that is unique to the owner and his/her usage.

We love using it for Winter:


We love it for summer:


We love it for year-round accessories:


We also love stone washing it for you to slightly alter the starting point of that wear, wash, repeat cycle. We do literally put it through a stone wash, so you might find a stone in the pocket …


We also appreciate the sort of no-nonsense practicality of the fabric and how it differs in look from more “fashion” oriented denim fabrics. And finally, for denim aficionados, we think broken denim has a particularly satisfying feel to it and a clean, compact surface that pairs well with other fabrics.

So, that’s why we go for broken. How about you?