Yumi Batten

As the next entry in our series on Battenwear Friends! (spotlighting people we know and love who do us the honor of regularly wearing Battenwear), we submit to you Yumiko Sakuma, one of the coolest dudes we know. Here she is, kicking around on a trip to Tokyo in her Battenwear SS16 Camp Shirt.


Yumi is a writer in the finest sense of the word. Which is to say, she takes her own set of unique perspectives, her superlative tastes, and her penchant for adventure, and she roams the world looking for things, people, and places to tell us about. 


Her many books and articles in Japanese include this awesome look at the American coffee culture (among other things).


She also translates great books, including most recently:


Yumi, you make Battenwear look good. 

Battenwear Friends! Yumiko Sakuma edition!


Lives in: New York City

Occupation: Writer

Hobby: Camping

Favorite Coffee Shop in the world right now: ASHBOX (in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)