Bivouac, the Battenwear Store

Some people might say (ok, have said) that keeping a store on the 16th floor of a building isn’t the smartest business idea. What about foot traffic, they say. If you’re going to set up your store in such a bizarre slice of Manhattan’s underbelly, they say, at least put it at ground level. 


Then there are other people who don’t care about good or bad business, but just are wondering how to actually find us once they make it to our building after dodging through the rolling racks of fabric, the bums passed-out with cups for change inevitably claiming that it’s their birthday, the theater-bound and incredibly slow tourists, and the ridiculously dressed FIT students interning to this designer or that. 

Why is it so hard to find us, you ask? Well, the staff in our lobby keeps changing … so when you show up and ask for Bivouac or even Battenwear, half the time, all you get is a shrug and a blank stare. But pay them no mind. They’re super nice guys and eventually it will catch on: WE ARE ON THE 16TH FLOOR!!

Once you get here, we promise you a warm welcome and a place to sit and rest and look at old climbing magazine and outdoor and surf books. It doesn’t hurt that we have the best selection of Battenwear just about anywhere  (our office is next door). 

Read more about the shop here:


All photos by the ridiculously talented Kevin Yoo.




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